PE Premium

The government currently provides additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is allocated to primary school head teachers. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

The information below explains how the school invests this money in school sport and pupil health and wellbeing. It outlines our yearly allocations including how we have spent previous years allocations and our intentions for the current academic year. It outlines the impact we have had so far and the ways in which we are ensuring sustainability of our strategy.

 Impact of the Sport Premium on Pupils at Follifoot CE Primary School

Funding received through the sports premium has resulted in the following impact on pupils and their sports provision for The Federation of Follifoot & Spofforth CE Primary Schools:

  • We are now a fully active member of the Harrogate School Sports Partnership, frequently attending the main and small school sports fixtures (see blog for recent examples).
  • We have an established link with ‘Sporting Influence’ who provide high quality professional development and team teaching in school as well as bespoke Sport & Literacy programmes and ‘Wednesday Night Competition Series’ events (see blog for examples).
  • Achievement of the Sainsbury’s Silver School Games Award in July 2017. This award recognises the high quality provision of active and competitive sport in school, links with sports clubs and participation in a wide range of sports.
  • Equipment purchasing and replenishment ensures that the ‘one each’ principle of PE resourcing remains in all national curriculum PE activities.
  • All teaching staff received no less than two terms and, in most cases, three terms of team teaching alongside highly skilled and experienced sports coaches and specialist PE teachers.
  • Funding has contributed to developing a wider range of after school extra-curricular provision for example introducing children to the new sport of tchoukball.

Sustainability of the School’s Sport Strategy

The Federation leaders have implemented a strategy for school sport that is aspirational and sustainable over time and will leave a legacy beyond the funding. We ensure that our use of the premium is sustainable through:

  • Team teaching with our partners at Sporting Influence to enable all staff to learn the skills of teaching PE alongside a specialist. This enriches PE lessons with the Sports teacher and enables class teachers to confidently lead learning in a wide range of PE lessons independently of the Sports teacher. Accompanying lesson plans and notes allow for teachers to teach follow up lessons independently and build a resource bank for the future.
  • Deployment of existing staff to lead the school’s sport provision. This safeguarded position within the school ensures that emphasis is placed on all pupils within our small school having the opportunity to access Level 2 and 3 competition within the area.
  • Training staff within the Federation in key priority areas such as Gymnastics, Active Maths and the effective leadership of PE and school sport ensures the federation have access to effectively trained staff who can team teach and disseminate training to others.
  • Investing in playground equipment and outdoor features that are long lasting ensures opportunities to be active at playtime will be available for many years after the allocation to fund them is spent.

 PE Premium Principles

  • The money will directly impact on the quality of teaching and learning in PE lessons and broaden the range of school sport opportunities for pupils.
  • The focus of all funded improvements will be sustainability.
  • Funding will be directed towards the professional development of teaching and support staff to develop their ability to deliver high quality PE and school sport.
  • Through team teaching with specialist PE teachers and coaches alongside staff training sessions, and the gaining of recognised coaching qualifications, staff will improve their subject knowledge and ability to deliver high quality PE and school sport.
  • The ongoing upskilling of staff will contribute to ensuring improvements are sustainable.
  • Funding will be targeted to ensure provision for all learners provides appropriate levels of challenge and support through clubs, competition and extended sports provision.
  • Funding will also be targeted at ensuring facilities and resources are of the highest possible quality encouraging the widest range of possible opportunities e.g. enough equipment to ensure active participation from all pupil throughout all aspects of a PE lesson, together with equipment to provide opportunities to take part in non-traditional school sports e.g. tchoukball and table tennis.  By investing in high quality equipment and facilities with long term guarantees opportunities will be sustainable.
  • Funding will be targeted to ensure the rurality of our school location does not negatively impact on the opportunities for our pupils.  It will also be used to ensure equality of opportunity in relation to attendance at wider sporting opportunities.
  • Funding will facilitate the development of the leadership of PE across our school.  This will ensure that leadership is strong enough for continued improvement beyond the years of funding.


Academic Year 2019-2020

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Academic Year 2018-2019

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Academic Year 2017- 2018

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