Class 1 (Early Years) at Spofforth

The teachers for Class 1 are Mrs Curtis and Mrs Lee.

A welcome message from your teachers

Hello, we’re the Early Years team.  Mrs Curtis (Early Years Lead) and Mrs Lee, are your teacher’s, they both have three children of their own. Mrs Lee enjoys teaching PE and loves to keep fit and active, especially outdoors. Mrs Curtis is super creative and will love to see all your amazing artwork.

Mrs Caldecott and Miss Ellis are the Early Years supports and are with us throughout the week. Mrs Caldecott’s favourite activity is gardening and she really enjoys planting things in our outdoor area. Miss Ellis is an animal lover and has a puppy called ‘Honey’, she can’t wait to find out about all your pets too!

We have a wonderful Early Years classroom with lots of lovely toys and activities for you to enjoy. Our outdoor area is really big with things like a slide, climbing frame, mud pit and a scooter track!

We believe that young children learn best through curiosity, following their interests and learning through play. Our aim is to scaffold this and to create a stimulating environment where all children will build upon their first hand experiences and reach their full potential.

A question parents often ask is ‘How can I help my child prepare for starting school?’ Here are a few ideas that may help but our parents guide has more in depth suggestions.

  • You can help by spending time teaching your child the everyday tasks which aid independence, such as being able to dress and undress independently, to button and zip up clothes, to put their shoes on the correct feet and to use the toilet and manage their own personal hygiene.
  • It is also helpful for your child to understand the importance of being able to tidy up after themselves.
  • Sharing and taking turns is also something we would encourage and thinking about other children’s feelings.
  • To listen and carry out simple instructions and tasks.

These are just a few ideas that may be useful but don’t worry, ultimately our main priority is that your child comes into school feeling welcome, safe and happy.


Long Term Plans

Please click on the links below to access further information:

Curriculum Area Nursery LTP.docx

Curriculum Area Reception LTP.docx

EYFS Medium Term Plan-Spring 1.docx


Remote and Home Learning

Please click below for our remote learning offer:

Remote Learning Offer_ Parents Guide


MATHS Find the square

MATHS Numberblocks roll and colour

CVC peg matching

For CVC matching

Look at the picture and read the words. Which is the correct word? Use the chopping board method to help you. (Read on a screen please do not worry about printing these out)


Here are some links to some revision phonics sessions


Please find below suggested activities that your child could complete at home.  Work will also be set on our learning platform, DB Primary.

Self Care & Emotional Well being Activity Pack for Children

Please click on the link to access this pack to help primary children think about their own self care.  It comes highly recommended from our partners at CompassBuzz: Selfcare Primary Pack


Learning to live with Covid 19

We are all learning to live in a world with COVID19. Part of helping children adjust to this is helping them understand and make sense of it. This guide produced by the children’s commissionaire contains child friendly explanations and links to advice, support and activities to help children make this adjustment. Staff will be using aspects of it in school and parents may like to use parts of this with their children or simply be aware of some of the ideas and suggestions.

Please click here to access: Childrens-guide-to-coronavirus