Our dedicated staff team play a pivotal role helping us achieve live our vision of Love, Learn Thrive. As stated in our mission

‘Every member of the Federation plays a significant part in its success retaining the distinctiveness of village schools whilst working effectively as a Federation.’

 We recognise our staff as the Federations’ most valuable resource. In line with our vision of Love, Learn Thrive we look after them and support them using the Federation effectively to nurture their skills and abilities and when necessary recruit the highest quality staff.

Head Teacher: Mr. Paul Griffiths for both schools.

Mr Griffiths timetable is as follows:
Monday: Follifoot Primary School
Tuesday: Spofforth Primary School
Wednesday: Alternate weeks at each school
Thursday: Follifoot Primary School
Friday: Spofforth Primary School

When Mr Griffiths is not in school please contact Mrs Katie Barnett, Class One teacher & Senior Leader at Follifoot School and Miss Alex Ward Class Three teacher and Senior Leader at Spofforth School if you have any concerns.

Follifoot Primary School:

Class One, Years 1 & 2 Teacher & Senior Leader: Mrs Katie Barnett

Class Two, Years 3 & 4 Teacher: Mrs Abby Hope (Monday-Wednesday) & Mrs Amy Bearman (Thursday & Friday)

Class Three, Years 5 & 6 Teacher:  Ms Debora Pickering (Monday-Thursday) & Mrs Anna Pearce (Fridays)

KS1 & 2 HLTA Mrs Sarah Scarratt (Wednesday-Friday)

KS1 & 2 ATA/HLTA Mrs Vanessa Martin (Monday & Tuesday)

KS2 GTA (SEN) Mrs Jo Oldfield
KS1 & 2 GTA (SEN) Mrs Tracy Matthews (Thursday & Friday)
KS2 GTA (SEN) Mrs Joyce Forsyth (Monday-Wednesday)
KS2 GTA (SEN) Mrs Fern Long (Monday-Wednesday)

School Administrator: Mrs Sarah Giddings

Midday Supervisors: Mrs Joyce Forsyth, Mrs Jo Oldfield, Mrs Tracy Matthews, Mrs Maria Perera Belloch & Ms Victoria Sherburn

School Cook: Dolce Catering

School Caretaker:  Mr Mark Ingle, North Yorkshire County Cleaning Service
School Cleaner: North Yorkshire County Cleaning Service


Spofforth Primary School:

Class One, Nursery and Reception, Teacher Mrs Helen Lee (Monday-Wednesday AM), Mrs Jess Curtis  (Wednesday PM – Friday)

Class Two, Years 1 & 2, Teacher Mrs Michelle Jackson (Monday & Tuesday), Miss Alice Sampson covering maternity leave for Mrs Rebecca Simpson (Wednesday-Friday)

Class Three, Years 3 & 4, Senior Teacher, Miss Alex Ward (Monday-Friday)

Class Four, Years 5 & 6, Teacher Mrs Anna Clarke (Monday-Friday)

HLTA  in KS1 & 2, Mrs Jo Ward, (Tuesday and Wednesday)

GTA SEN,  Mrs Elaine Stephens (Every morning and Monday  & Wednesday afternoons)

GTA / HLTA in Early Years and KS1, Mrs Laura Caldecott

GTA in Early Years, Miss Millie Ellis

GTA in KS1, Mrs Emma Simpson

GTA in KS2, Mrs Tracy Matthews (Monday-Wednesday)

GTA in KS2, Mrs Jessica Price (Thursday-Friday)

Administrator: Mrs Sheree Morris

Breakfast Club Supervisors
Run by Spofforth ChildCare

Midday Supervisors
Mrs Yvonne Russell
Mrs Clare Horner
Mr Peter Hodgson

Dolce Catering

Cleaner & Caretaker
NYCC Caretaking and Cleaning Service