Parent Guides

Recognising and cherishing the worth and value of every individual is central to our Christian vision. We greatly value our partnership with parents recognising the value it plays in helping us achieve our vision of Love Learn Thrive. As well as parent consultations throughout the year, written reports (phonics end of autumn and spring terms and annual reports end of year) and parent session we have produced a range of parent guides on key themes and topics to help and support parents.


Our assessment and tracking policy outlines how we assess children following the removal of national curriculum levels.

Assessment & Tracking Policy(1) PDF (1)


‘We didn’t do it like that when I was at  school!’ We appreciate the calculation methods taught today are often different from those parents learned at school themselves. Our maths calculation guide outlines the key maths methods used to teach children how to calculate using the four operations, add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Maths Calculation Policy 2020


Read, Read, Read. There is very little if anything more valuable than reading with and to a child as often as possible. We place great value on children learning to read well and developing a Love of books and reading. Our parent guide to reading outlines the key principles to helping children learn to read well and advice and guidance on reading at home.

Federation Parent Guide to reading


Phonics is the method of teaching children to read by linking sounds with symbols in the alphabetic writing system. Teaching phonics well is a key priority for us. Using the correct terms and phrases is an important part of good phonics teaching.  We have produced a short guide to the key terms used when teaching phonics.

Phonics Glossary