Vision, Mission and Principles

We are pleased to share our vision, mission and principles that shape and guide all aspects of our work. These were developed through a period of consultation and engagement with staff, parents, children, governors as well as colleagues from The Diocese of Leeds and North Yorkshire School Improvement. We are grateful to all involved for their contributions that have helped shape this essential piece of work.

As you will see from the presentation of our vision, mission and principles Christian Values are at the heart of all aspects of our work guiding and steering us in all we do. These were also shaped as part of our consultation and engagement work and form the foundation of our programme of worship.

Our Christian Values

Thankfulness, humility, endurance, service, compassion, trust, peace, forgiveness, friendship, justice and hope.

Vision and Mission

Our vision articulates the experience we aspire to provide for everyone involved with our schools. Our mission outlines and summarises our core purposes and beliefs of how we should work.


Learning Principles

Our Learning Principles bring together the ideas, qualities and values we promote and foster within all members of our school communities.



Federation Principles

Our Federation Principles have been in place since the early stages of our collaborative partnership. They are reviewed annually by governors ensuring they continue to serve their purpose of articulate our commitment to the principles on which we will make our strategic and operational decision making.