Mini Bus

Learning Partnership Mini Bus Information for Parents and Carers

We are delighted to present the following information for parents and carers with regard to our Federation mini bus.


Our mini bus plays a crucial role in helping us achieve our vision of Love, Learn Thrive as it allows all children regardless of their families capacity to transport them to access a range of curricular and extra curricular opportunities including, sport, music, dance and theatre.

Who is the bus for?

Quite simply as with everything in our individual schools and as a Learning Partnership it is for the children. The bus will be used for a wide variety of activities that we currently hire transport for or rely on staff and volunteers using their cars.

It seats up to 16 passengers with all seats having a three point full seat belt.

 Who drives the mini bus?

Staff from all four schools will be able to (if they wish to and meet the necessary requirements) drive the mini bus.

All staff driving the mini bus will;

  • Be employees or approved (DBS) checked volunteers associated with one of the four schools. On some occasions for joint activities such as School Ambassador visits or competitions attended by more that one school this might be a staff member or volunteer from one of the partnerships school your child does not attend.
  • Hold a full UK driving licence.
  • Be over 21 years old.
  • Owned and operated a car for at least two full years.
  • Have successfully passed their MIDAS training and update this every four years.

How is the Mini Bus Maintained?

  • The mini bus is brand new and comes with a full and extensive maintenance package.
  • It is kept in a secure ‘gated’ place when not in use.
  • The mini bus has a comprehensive visual inspection from the driver every time it is used.
  • Every ten weeks it has a full safety inspection for a qualified mechanic.
  • Every year (from new) it has a full MOT and service.


How will I know if my child is being transported in the mini bus?

You will be informed each time a planned activity or series of activities (e.g. swimming lessons or series of sporting fixtures) that your child is taking part in involves them being transported in the mini bus. You will be asked for your consent for them to take part in the activity and be transported in the minibus.

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