Class Curriculum Long Term Plans

Curriculum Long term plans for Follifoot Primary School:

Effective curriculum planning is central to our vision of Love learn Thrive ensuring that children are taught in well considered effective sequences that build on prior knowledge and understanding helping them to remember more effectively. Retaining the knowledge and skills learnt build their confidence and develops their interest in learning more. Our policy and procedures for curriculum planning are outlined in further detail in the document attached below. Insert copy of Curriculum Planning policy here also.

Please click below to access the policy:

Curriculum Planning Policy Fed 2019 PDF (1)

Our long term plans are organised as per our class structure.  Please click on the links below:




LTP-Class 2 2018-2019

LTP -Class 2 2019-2020


LTP-Class 3 2018-2019

LTP-Class 3 2019-2020


Curriculum Long term plans for Spofforth Primary School:

Please click on the links below to access the relevant plans for each year group.

Class One, Early Years Foundation – Teachers send out regular information to parents.



LTP-Class 3 2019-20_1


LTP-Class 4 2018-2019