Curriculum Knowledge Summaries

A Knowledge Summary is a go-to document for a sequence of learning. Each one identifies the key information including vocabulary that children need to have learned by the end of the sequence. It acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning. It provides links to books and or websites that are relevant to the area of learning. They are presented in child friendly fashion making use of images as appropriate. They are placed in each child’s book and are also made available to parents via our website (see below).

We are currently developing our own Knowledge Summaries to support the delivery of our curriculum. Each summary will be adapted to form an initial assessment to provide opportunity to check relevant prior learning is still secure and also a recall assessment (quiz) to help children recall the knowledge and vocabulary with definitions. 

In the summer term 2020 we will publish the knowledge summaries for Maths, RE, History or Geography (depending on the focus for the summer term) PSHE and PE.

From September 2020 we will publish summaries for each subject. For now we are pleased to share examples below: 


Knowledge Summaries by Subject




Year 1 & 2 Habitats 



Religious Education (RE)

Physical Education (PE)


Yr1&2 – Drug Alcohol & Tobacco Education


Art and Design

Design Technology 

French (Key Stage Two Only)