Curriculum Leaders and Subject Rationales

Our vision translates directly into our curriculum in that;


Our curriculum promotes a love and appreciation of life and learning in all its fullness, enabling children to realise a passion for the possible.


Our curriculum enables children to learn and retain a body of knowledge to which they can develop and apply key critical thinking and communication skills becoming creative, confident and enquiring learners.


Building on their strengths, interest and experiences our curriculum enables children to grow and flourish both academically, socially and emotionally experiencing success in a range of situations and contexts.


Curriculum equity and implementing a rich, relevant and coherently sequenced curriculum based on the breadth and depth of the Primary National Curriculum is important in order that our children Learn and Thrive.

The value we place on each subject is demonstrated by the importance we place on subject leadership. Following a trial in 2018-2019 in September 2019 we moved to a position of one subject leader for each subject across the federation thus allowing subject leaders to focus solely on one rather than multiple subjects.

Our school development plan prioritises supporting subject leaders to develop curriculum provision for their subject.

They learn a great deal about diverse peoples. For example, they are knowledgeable about different faiths.’ Ofsted 2019

‘The RE curriculum helps pupils develop much knowledge about major world faiths. This makes a strong contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’ Ofsted 2019


Subjects leaders have produced rationales for each subject outlining the core purpose and intent of each subject as well as explaining its uniqueness as a subject and how it supports and compliments learning across the curriculum.

Subject Leadership & Subject Rationales

Subject Subject Leader Link to subject Rationale
English Mrs Katie Barnett  

Subject Rationale English Reading PDF


Maths Mrs Michelle Jackson  

Subject Rationale Maths PDF


Science Mrs Anna Pearce  

Subject Rationale Statement Science PDF


History Mrs Rebecca Simpson covered by Mrs Katie Barnett during maternity leave 2020/21  

Subject Rationale Statement History (1) PDF


Geography Mrs Anna Clarke  

Subject Rationale for Geography PDF


PSHCE Mrs Helen Lee / Mrs Jessica Curtis  

Subject Rationale Statement PSHCE.docx


RE Miss Alex Ward  

Subject Rationale for Religious Education PDF (1)



PE Mrs Amy Bearman  

Subject Rationale Statement Physcial Education PDF


Art & Design Technology Mrs Abby Hope  

Subject Rationale Statement Art & Design Technology


Computing Mrs Deborah Pickering  

Subject Rationale Statement Computing PDF


Foreign Language Mrs Anna Clarke  

Foreign Language Rationale PDF


Music Mrs Jo Ward  

Subject Rationale Statement Music